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The Fagus factory is a factory in the southern Lower Saxon town Alfeld on the line and headquarters of the companies Fagus GreCon and Weinig Grecon. The work was designed in 1911 by the architect Walter Gropius and his colleague Adolf Meyer and is one of the first examples of architectural modernism since 1946 under monument protection. Since June 2011, the entire factory has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source: Wikipedia

In Alfeld district Langenholzen is the only snoring museum in the world. It shows about 400 exhibits from the 18th century to modern times around the snoring.

Its director, the doctor Josef A. Wirth, also operates the Institute for Sleep Diagnostics and Therapy in Alfeld. It deals with sleep and helps z. For example, sleep disorders such as difficulty sleeping and staying asleep, pathological snoring, nocturnal respiratory disorders, restless legs, sleepwalking, etc. In the sleep laboratory (at the AMEOS Alfeld Clinic), patients can be expertly examined and treated.

Source: Wikipedia

The "discovery tower" in the district of Langenholzen is a former transformer tower that has been developed into a central point of contact for natural history observations and excursions. "With this rather atypical observation tower we want to show people of all ages how much our native nature has to offer", explain the - all honorary organizers of the Langenholzener Natur-entdecken-Team.


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